The Sgt. Mac Memorial Foundation
"Remembering One, Honoring All"
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A word about donations: Please designate the type of donations.
Restricted Donations are to only be used by a specific program ie: The National Wreath Project
Unrestricted Donations maybe used by any foundation program.Contribute:


 Contributions are made to the Sgt. Mac Foundation through many avenues. Financial contributions will help to fund programming and keep the Foundation active. There are also ways to assist the Foundation by pledging your time and efforts. Read on to find out how you can help.


 By pledging your monetary support to the Foundation, you are ensuring that the Foundation is around for years to come. As the Foundation's endowment grows, so will the programming and support that the Foundation provides. This can be done through a one-time gift, a yearly contribution, or even through estate planning and beneficiary considerations.
Please click the "Contribute" button below to make your financial contribution. This is a Paypal link, it is easy to use, safe, secure and anyone with a credit card can use this option, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account to use this option.                                                       

                                                                                       Thank You



 Corporations and corporate entities that would like to support the programs of the Sgt. Mac Foundation are encouraged to do so. We would love to have your support. Please contact the Foundation directly by calling (252) 453-3320(252) 453-3320 to set up your gift today!


 Not everyone wishes to go the direction of financial contributions, or has the financial          discretion to be able to assist the Foundation in that way. For those who wish to help by volunteering time or materials, please fill out the inquiry form below, and a representative from the Foundation will contact you regarding opportunities for your services.

Donations or communications can be forwarded to;
   Sgt. Mac Foundation     
   P O Box 936                          
   Grandy, NC 27939 


In keeping with IRS Publication 1771, letters acknowledging Tax Deductible donations for amounts exceeding $200.00 will be issued prior to January 31 following the tax reporting year in question. Should an acknowledgment be needed for donations under $200.00, please send a request to the corrections link above. Thank you
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